The Forigo TL16 H/D offset shredder is an exceptional machine for a variety of implementations, from green care to grinding corn stalks, to the maintenance of particularly demanding hedges and shrubs.

In fact, this model represents the top of the range of Forigo H/D offset shredders, with a working width of 2.50 meters. However, it is also available in smaller versions with widths of 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters and 2.2 meters, to meet different functional needs.

In addition, for those who need a small H/D offset shredder, Forigo also produces the FTL8 range.


Technical features of our offset shredder

The TL16 mounts 22 reinforced hammers, designed for very refined cutting. The hammers are linked to the rotor by means of Hardox "shark fin" supports, with a laser cut bushing that prevents the rotation screw from being damaged during work. This design allows easy replacement of the hammers or blades with a simple screwdriver, without the need for a key.

The TL16 rotor is built with high quality steel materials, giving it unmatched strength and inertia. The framework is reinforced at critical points with Hardox and the case is double.

The total weight of the machine is 12,000 Kg. The transmission works through a double homokinetic "Walterscheid" cardan shaft that connects to a 540 rpm/minute gearbox with free release produced by "Comer". This gearbox transmits the motion to a pulley with four trapezoidal belts protected by a crankcase, ensuring a high-quality transmission.

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Forigo TL16: functional and easy to use

The TL16 H/D offset shredder has two hydraulic cylinders for lateral switching and head inclination. The main working positions include:

  1. Cylinder-head: ideal for overcoming obstacles on the ground while working in motion.
  2. Raised head “in candle”: perfect for pruning hedges or grinding shrubs up to 8-10 cm in diameter.
  3. Work “in fosse”: thanks to the gearbox positioned outside the outline, it allows the use of the mulch in the banks of ditches without damaging the cardan.

The rear roller and the height-adjustable side skids ensure stable support and a uniform cut. The oscillating frame and the slots on the three-point attachment allow the head to perfectly follow the profile of the ground, avoiding height differences in the cut.

And that's not all: watch the video to admire all its power in action!

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Agrotti Michele

Written by Agrotti Michele

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at the University of Padua, in Forigo Roteritalia he is involved in training and consulting for Italy and foreign Countries.

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