AffidabilitàC.jpgLet us start with concrete data: the 85% of our activity takes place on foreign markets, they are not different only from Italian market, but from themselves also. We deal with an international competition, where we find very strong actors: among them, we have been able to cut off a space for ourselves where we built a well-defined company identity.

We have been on these squares for years, testimony to the fact that our products and our brand have earned lasting trust. An image of solidity and professionalism that we have been cultivating for over 40 years with a valuable box of experiences worthy of a big company on one side, and with the freshness and opening to innovation of a Start-Up on the other.





PersonalizzazioneC.jpgCustomization is an element of vital importance for us. It is right around it that we built the entire identity of our company. Forigo Roteritalia means tailor made agriculture: turning to us, you have the warranty to receive not a standard treatment, but the best tailored solution that can respond in detail to your specific needs.

The work we do every day is to shape the characteristics of our machines on the exact needs of each customer. This authorize us to be more than sure of the fact that, among our machines, there is or there will be the perfect tool for you.

Forigo Roteritalia’s agriculture machines are customizable in each equipment. We elaborate, for example, modular solutions as Co.Modus or Polyformer to carry out more processes with just one machine. Still, we can re-process the work widths to centimetres: this could be crucial to your trimmer, in case it needs to adapt to particular soil, crops or practices.

To work in this way requires a lot of effort and commitment from us, but this is the path we want to keep and every day we are more convinced about it. Thanks to this setting, our products have been able to reach market niches otherwise inaccessible, as agricultural companies focused on special cultures or small biological crops. Furthermore, they are distinguished on different foreign markets, where usually there are different needs and operating procedures compared to Italian ones.





We declare our reliability as first thing through the commitment on following each one of our customers personally, supporting them at every stage: from the comprehension of daily work problems to the research or creation of the more suitable solution to answer their needs. Even after the purchase, Forigo Roteritalia provides continuous technical advice and assistance to anyone who wishes it, through different channels. 

Yet, the most felt and acknowledged reliability is about the products we propose. Our machines are efficient, strong and durable over time. This is demonstrated by the fact that many of our customers own and use the same product, branded Forigo Roteritalia, for 10 or 15 years; it is confirmed also by the diffusion of our machines in California and Australia, where agricultural needs also require 24-h processing for long periods.




Forigo ConsulenzaC.jpgForigo Roteritalia built a very large and complex business. The production and sell of agricultural machines are only one side of the service we propose and carry out with care. Other than this, we guarantee technical advice and information about any topic could result of interest to whom works in any part of the agricultural sector.

We care about working side by side with the customer: this is why we are happy to go to visit them in their workplaces, we ask them to show us the context in which the machines should work and we plan together the possible paths to follow. At the same time, anyone who wishes it is welcome in our headquarters in Ostiglia (MN) to take a guided tour and to see our collaborators and our machines at work.

We put at your disposal the competence gained during our many years of activity to advise you on the best way to meet your specific needs. Thanks to the many experiences done in the past, we can suggest solutions to common issues that others have already managed and, if we do not have a ready answer, our technical office’s team will receive the stimulus to develop new ones.

Even after the purchase, we follow our customers - both in Italy and abroad – with careful after-sale service. We can provide ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services for our machines; through the dedicate section of this website or by contacting us directly you can also order spare parts. To complete this, on our blog you can find news and blogposts to keep you updated on topics and events of interest.