Green manure in the vineyard: the practice that regenerates agrarian soil

Green manure indicates the autumn (and spring) seeding of one or more herbaceus plants in the rows of the vines. Once these plants grow, they will be cut and buried.

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Integrated Agriculture: sustainability at the heart of crop protection

Integrated agriculture and integrated protection are fundamental concepts in the agricultural sector. In this article, we will explore what integrated agriculture is, the basic principles of integrated protection management and the benefits it can bring to the environment and human health. We will discover how these methods can contribute to sustainable and responsible agriculture.

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Easy Drip: Forigo's new automatic drip tape laying and cutting system

The next edition of Fruit Logistica is just around the corner, and Forigo Roter Italia is ready to unveil a highly anticipated innovation. 

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Soil tillage: the right machinery to reduce compaction

Soil tillage encompasses a wide range of actions and activities, yet its goal is singular: to maintain productive conditions in agricultural systems, starting with soil health.

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Agricultural automation: how is the agricultural sector changing?

The evolution of mechanised solution in agricultural field keeps on growing. This fact is confirmed by the number of registered patents all over the world in agricultural sector listed by the database “EspaceNet” based on the data coming from the European Patent Office (Epo). 

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Shredder maintenance: why is it an essential operation

The first thing to do when talking about the maintenance of agricultural machinery is to divide the topic between ordinary and extraordinary.

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Soil Hoeing: how to succeed in performing it best?

When agrotechnics are directly identified with the reference crops, it means that they are fundamental: we are talking about soil hoeing and its crucial role for corn, sugar beet, soy, tobacco and many horticultural crops, called, not surprisingly, "crops”.

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Mulching Tomatoes: how to mulch and when?

Among the various procedures about cultivating tomatoes, the mulching of the soil with biodegradable film plays a fundamental role for the yield and the quality of berries.

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Regenerative Agriculture: what is it and how to implement it?

Since its inception, about 20,000 years ago, agriculture has evolved into a system that can provide as much food as possible to the world’s population at the lowest possible cost. As a result, today, farmers – especially those engaged in "commodity" crops, such as rice, corn, soya and wheat – suffer from a generalized drop in profitability, linked to international markets, characterized by extremely fluctuating prices.

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Types of shredder: how to choose the right one?

Shredders are essential work tools in agriculture sector. However, there are different types on the market – each related to a different use – and choosing the right one based on your needs can prove complicated.

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