1. Prices indicated in this prices list do not include the VAT-Tax and they are intended for goods ex Works in Ostiglia (Mn) - Italy. In case it should be transported to destination with our vehicles the related costs will be invoiced in addition on rates in effect at the moment of transport.
  2. Goods are always shipped at the buyer’s risk, even in case they are shipped “CPT” (carriage paid to...).
  3. The machines of our production are covered by a warranty, regarding possible manufacturing and/or assembling defects, the warranty has a validity of six months from the date of product delivery to the user. It only consists in a free of charge replacement of parts, which have been recognized as faulty and therefore it does not provide for the related workmanship costs. Purchaser loses the warranty’s implementation right in case he arbitrarily modifies the original structure of the machinery delivered to him.
  4. Possible claims shall be transmitted to the supplier within eight days from the goods receiving date. If not, the purchaser will lose the claim’s right. (art. 1495 C.C.)
  5. Possible goods refund shall always be made on a “carriage paid” basis and goods could be sent back only after the supplier’s authorization.
  6. Delivery time of goods communicated to the purchaser has always to be considered as approximate, so, no damages compensation is due to the purchaser in case the supplier is not able to fulfill the delivery time.
  7. Supplier reserves the right to modify, at any moment, its own price list, without notice to the customers; therefore, invoicing of ordered goods will be made at the prices in force at the moment of the shipment.
  8. Technical data and figures related to the machines, issued by the manufacturer, are non-binding. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify, at any moment, their features. Figures of all documents do not necessarily show the basic version of the product.
  9. Goods are property of the supplier, until they have not been completely paid and the supplier could claim the property of goods, wherever they are.
  10. In case of payment delay, the purchaser will be charged with the overdue interests at their current rate.
  11. In case of suspension of the payment by the purchaser, the supplier reserves the right to deduct from the amount he received up until that date, the amount relating to the occurred burdens and damages due to a non-fulfillment by the purchaser.
  12. In case of a dispute, the case falls within the VERONA law-court.
    This price list cancels and replaces the previous.