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Innovation is, since many years, at the center of Forigo Roter Italia, and the concepts of transformation, improvement and sustainability allowed us to create more and more precise and sophisticated machineries, with just a single, great goal: improve the soil preparation process of our customers! Jump into Forigo world and discover how we reach our targets.


We wanted to summarize all these ideas in a short video, showing the quality which arises from the precise and coordinated work of our professional. From the project to the production, from the contact with the customer to the customization; many people are part of Forigo family and each of them has a precise role, aiming to the same objective: customer’s satisfaction.

To create projects like ours are necessary first of all people with passion, which spend their time to create cutting-edge machines and, especially, tailor-made. In fact, Forigo prides of a workshop dedicated to design and prototyping, filled with the exclusive competence of the engineers and tools, necessary to permit to the engineers to have true contact with the real project.

The lab is able to develop incredibly heterogeneous, for dimensions and measures, prototypes, thanks to modern 3D printers, giving the engineers the possibility to verify in real terms each component and so testing the machines in detail.

Modula seed drills and Modula PRO are born just out of this lab, the special part of the factory. The rewards obtained for these machines (4 in total) are the pride for the Company, but also personal, for our professional. They are the reason why many farmers’ problems are being solved. 

Discover why FORIGO solutions are different

However, Forigo Roter Italia is not just innovation, but it’s also quality and attention to the customer. Another key valor of the Company, that we wanted to show in the video, is represented by the customer care and the desire of completely satisfy his needs. Forigo doesn’t offer “pre-packaged” solutions for agriculture but, on the basis of customer suggestions and needs, develops high quality tailor-made mechanical solutions for him.

For this reason, Forigo valor is well know all over the world, without being limited by national borders. In this moment, our precision machines are working in different states and countries, such as America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Forigo red is expanding and brings valor everywhere: maybe too much snooty? No, we are simply pride of what we have built till now and of the results the farmers are experiencing.

Through this video, we wanted to open our doors to you, to let you see our every day reality. We aimed to show you in detail each area and process, every professional and creative step. We wanted to make you participant of what make us proud every day. This video, as our machines, encloses Forigo creative DNA!

Discower why our solutions are different!

Agrotti Michele

Written by Agrotti Michele

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at the University of Padua, in Forigo Roteritalia he is involved in training and consulting for Italy and foreign Countries.

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