After the plough, the power harrow is the oldest and most important tool for soil working. If the first, rudimentary examples of this machine were used only for covering seeds after their distribution nowadays their uses are many.

Since ancient times they were used, dragged on the soil after sowing, but today they are used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • clods crumbling after ploughing,
  • soil leveling,
  • weeds eradicating,
  • surface crust breaking to facilitate the birth of plants.


Harrowing is a valid solution for both conventional and preservative agriculture. The action of the power harrow in fact, involves just the superficial layer of the soil, on which it works for its impact and its weight.

The types of harrows available today are different in shapes and dimensions. In the former case we have the ripper (with anchors or tines, used for intermediate tillage works) or the weeder (equipped with elastic tines and normally used for finishing seeding beds or fake seeds).

If we look instead at more complex harrow models, we can mention the disc harrow and the power harrow, the latter powered by the tractor's PTO.

Soil harrowing with disc and power harrow: which to prefer?

The disc harrow has two or more sets of toothed or smooth discs which can be oblique or straight. The series are normally arranged at opposite angles, to limit the clogging of the machine. The presence of the tines makes the disc more effective on tenacious soils, while the inclination of the discs themselves influences the mixing action of the first cm of the soil.

There are different versions on the market based on the weight and size of the discs and therefore suitable for more or less intense types of work. Generally, harrows with large discs and high ground clearance guarantee efficient cutting of crop residues (even particularly vigorous stubble).

Also, their incorporation into the ground allows for relatively high forward speeds. Furthermore, there are combined machines capable of carrying both discs and anchors to carry out works at different depths, based above all on the type of soil and the refinement result to be obtained.

The power harrow represents the most advanced technological evolution of this machine. Its action on the ground is not linked to the simple dragging of the rotating parts but to the rotation imparted by the tractor's PTO. Since these have a counter-rotating vertical axis and are equipped with knives, they can break up larger clods by leveling the soil surface.

The vertical axis working allows excellent ventilation of the soil while maintaining its structure and natural composition intact. The models on the market can be combined with different types of rollers or rear accessories: it is thus possible to adjust the working depth and create different levels of seedbed finishing.

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The main advantage of the power harrow is that of making an effective refinement even in conditions where the action of traditional harrows is insufficient or negligible. Another important advantage is that the soil is usually ready for seeding with just one passage. Therefore, by combining the power harrow to the seeder, the job is completed in just one passage.

It should also be underlined that the use of seedbed preparation machines equipped with tools activated by the power take-off has spread and established in Italy because it relates to:

  • a better use of the tractor's power,
  • the reduction in the number of interventions necessary to obtain an adequate degree of refinement of the soil,
  • the possibility of combining other equipment (as mentioned, seeders).

Various experiments also show how power harrows, unlike other types of machines, such as tillers or rotary tillers, crumble the soil more deeply and less on the surface. This aspect allows the soil to be "protected" from the beating action of the rain and its negative consequences (runoff and erosion, crust formation).

Forigo Roter Italia power harrows are top quality soil harrowing machines, characterized by bulky components and technologic solutions which limit the maintenance of the various parts to the minimum. If you would like to learn in detail about their operation and that of all the other innovative, state-of-the-art farming solutions, we invite you to take a look at our catalog.

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