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During the last edition of the MacFrut Exhibition, the new electric seed drill Modula made itself shiny to the eyes of the visitors, being highly appreciated and, most important, gaining the Gold Medal at the MacFrut Innovation Award. The secret of this success? The extreme flexibility of the machine, it’s modern smart technology and the attention reserved to the delicate environments such as biological crops one.


Modula has been created in order to offer a higher level of innovation in the agriculture sector and to make the seeding process, mainly for what concerns the biological agriculture, easier, faster and smarter.

Designed and developed by the Innovation Technology Department at Forigo, Modula is the example of future agricultural machine. Why do we say this? A machine based on the modularity and flexibility of its elements, furthermore on automation, and powered by electricity, it must be an instrument capable of revolutionize the way of soil working.

Its modules are totally independent, they are fixed to the main frame and they are linked through an electric cable and a data cable. Thanks to them, the modules can communicate between each other and work with perfect synchronism and harmony. The main point of this precision seed drill, as previously said, is the possibility of assembly it in accordance to each company needs. The machine in fact can be composed by a single seeding element, or by eight elements at maximum. Customization is in fact one of the key elements of Modula, together with a range of specific functions which can bring a high valor to the user company. 


The soil on which the Forigo electric seed drill works can be of various typologies: not only on bare soil but also on soil covered with plastic layer, Modula can manage an optimal work with a high level of precision, no matter the need. What kind of seed is managed by Modula? There’s not a true limitation regarding the seeds measures, except the minimum measure (1,5 mmm) which the machine is able to manage. The inserts inside the distributor, developed ad hoc, can handle without any issues various seeds sizes, making Modula adapt to a large variety of crop situations.

The true innovation of Modula by the way, is represented by the smart technology, which permits the automation of the processes and the perfect synchrony between the seeding elements, and by the full electric power source. The technological structure of the machine and its intelligence compose the real heart of the Modula: the perfect harmony and synchronism between the distributor and the piercing elements (seeding cones). Even modifying the number of cones, the distributor will be able to recognize the passage of the piercing element and to release the seed at the right time, avoiding wastes and inefficiencies. Furthermore, each module can be customized to satisfy the needs related to the seeding distance, starting from a minimum of 16 cm until over 1 meter.

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The electric component of the electric precision seed drill Modula it’s central in the crop process because the system doesn’t require a minimum amount of power from the tractor. The electricity is supplied by the tractor battery, so the seed drill movement is completely independent from mechanical transmissions.

During the Macfrut, the manager of the Innovation Technology Department, Alberto Forigo, explained the operation principle in every detail. Here below you can view the full interview by Agronotizie:

We are very proud of how our innovations and our modern products are recognized on an international level. Forigo team is always at work in order to supply to the worldwide agri-food sector, next generation systems and machinery, and an every-time better way to work the soil.

In case you have other questions or want to discover in which way the Forigo precision seed drill can bring benefits to your farm, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our expert will be glad to give you all the information you need.

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Agrotti Michele

Written by Agrotti Michele

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at the University of Padua, in Forigo Roteritalia he is involved in training and consulting for Italy and foreign Countries.

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