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Seed Drill Modula
12 V
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  • Full-electric seeding element;
  • CAN-bus communication system;
  • Flexible system for seeding distance;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Front parallelogram to adapt to soil conditions;
  • Seeding depth regulation.



Build your own machine


Modula-mano-1High modularity of the seeding elements 

Modula allows you to add or remove seeding elements from the main frame in a fast and easy way, without concerning about the limits in the distance or position.



Modula-mano-2High flexibility in the distance of the seeding

The “cone” is the element which pierces the soil; it gets the seeds from the upper tank and then it sets them down. With Modula you can augment or reduce the number of “cones” in order to modify the distance of the seeding on the line.





Modula-mano-3Electrical transmission with sensors capable of controlling the process

Modula is an electrical seeder, this means that the machine can perform with high precision and flexibility. The A and B motors works in synchrony, in this way the “cone” C can release the seed and sets it down in the soil. The seeds distributor, moreover, is equipped with interchangeable nozzles to adapt to different crops.




Modula-mano-4 You can control everything from the cockpit



The display of Modula allows you to control and set up the system from the cockpit. The elements interact with a procedure of communication called CANBUS.




A: the front amortized parallelogram allows the ability to adapt to the irregularity of the soil.
B: the front amortized wheel prepares the land preserving the compaction of the soil.
C: the rear adjustable wheel defines the depth of the seeding and closes the hole after the depot of the seed.


Modula PRO
V 12