(The working principle of these machines is based on the counter rotating vertical rotor with tines, capable crumbling bigger clumps and excellent levelling the working surface.) This machines work with vertical counter rotating tines, which allow to crumble big clumps and prepare a very well levelled seeding surface. The vertical rotating axis guarantees an excellent soil ventilation while (at the same time) maintaining its natural composition and structure. Various types of rear rollers or accessories allow to adjust the working depth and the making of multiple finishing of the seeding bed, both on flat surface and on bed shape. All the power harrows produced by Forigo are designed to ensure long-lasting work performances with low power consumption. The series is composed by fixed and folding machines suitable for every type of tractor.


Power Harrow F61

HP 20÷60

cm 90÷210
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Power Harrow F81

HP 30÷90

cm 100÷250
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Power Harrow F110

HP 40÷110

cm 200÷300
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Power Harrow F112

HP 60÷140

cm 200÷300
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Power Harrow F132

HP 80÷180

cm 250÷400
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Power Harrow F161

HP 110÷220

cm 300÷450
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Power Harrow F201

HP 140÷260

cm 300÷450
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Power Harrow FR110

HP 100÷150

cm 360÷460
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Power Harrow FR112

HP 100÷180

cm 410÷500

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Power Harrow FR120

HP 120÷220

cm 400÷500
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Power Harrow FR130

HP 120÷260

cm 400÷600
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Power Harrow FR160

HP 160÷300

cm 400÷600
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Power Harrow FR200

HP 180÷350

cm 500÷700
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